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Mind over matters - Kingdom mindset

January 13, 2018

For, "Who has known the mind of the Lord so as to instruct him?" But we have the mind of Christ.           1 Corinthians 2: 16


Happy New Year!

With new year comes the age-old practice of making a fresh start – a chance to make resolutions to a better you.  Many Americans (according to some research 41%) engage in resolution of some kind:  the resolutions span the gamut of well-being to finding a better job, to becoming buff and fit or learning a new hobby etc.  I looked up some numbers and saw that only 9% will succeed in keeping their resolution beyond January, which means a whopping 32% will quit. 

This made me think – why would one go through the motions and troubles of doing something good and beneficial for a month and then quit?  If we know what is good for us, why not take it to completion?  I realized that often, the mind is very weak.  We resolve, but when delicious aromas tempt our nostrils, or our body gets tired of the strict regimented training that is foreign, our mind is the first to give up, causing our bodies and our will to succumb.

I love stories and remembered a story that my father told me: there once was a little boy who received a piglet from his grandfather for a pet.  He loved the piglet and bathed it and tied a beautiful golden satin ribbon around its neck and let it sleep in his bedroom.  The piglet looked happy and contented for a while.  It loved the little boy and the attention it received and its beautiful new collar and good food.  But one day, when the little boy went to school, the piglet ran out of the door and discovered that the yard had a delightful little puddle – full of dirt, deep with creepy, crawly bugs and before the piglet could stop itself, it jumped in and wallowed in the mud.  Evening came and the little boy looked for his piglet and found a dirty, stinky piglet.  He was saddened by this and set about cleaning the piglet but at every opportunity, the piglet did the same thing.  He brought the piglet home from the pit and called his grandfather on the phone.  He told him his woes and after patiently listening, the grandfather told him that it was its nature and jokingly added, “you have to replace its mind with the mind of a docile lamb and the piglet will be obedient and follow your instructions.”

I realized that I have tried to live in authority as “daughter of the King of kings” but have a carnal mindset.  I have the victorious mindset of Jesus Christ when I receive Him.  Oftentimes, I choose to shut down that mindset and see with the carnal eyes.  So, this year, beginning today, I choose to have the kingdom mindset and live victoriously as daughter of the King!  Walk with the King and be victorious!


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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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